Securing the peace with Axis and 2N

Putnam City Campus Police stay transparent with an Axis body worn solution and keep video evidence encrypted and secure from capture to archiving

“Axis body cameras are a dramatic improvement over our old cameras. They’re so easy to use – from the large, single-tap activation button to the docking stations that quickly recharge the cameras and offload their video at the same time.” Mark Stout, Chief of Putnam City Campus Police Department.


The Campus Police Department of the Putnam City School (PCS) District wanted to replace its cumbersome body worn camera system with a better solution. They were looking for lightweight, durable cameras that could be turned on with a single tap. They wanted an easier way to offload and securely store video evidence. And the system needed to seamlessly integrate with their existing video management system. The school district also wanted to replace aging intercoms at every school’s main entrance with more feature-rich intercoms that would improve visitor screening.


The Police Department turned to Orion Security Solutions, an Axis partner, who recommended the Axis body worn solution. The police department purchased 16 Axis body worn cameras, a system controller, and two-eight bay Axis docking stations to automatically offload the video and recharge the body cameras after every shift. Orion also recommended 2N® IP Verso audio-visual intercoms to replace the schools’ failing front entrance intercoms. Orion linked the 2N intercoms with the school’s VoIP system. Video from the body cameras and intercoms are stored on Genetec Security Center, providing a unified and seamless security solution.


The chain of custody is more secure since the video is encrypted from capture to transfer to final storage. When docked at the end of every shift, the video automatically offloads to a secure server without manual intervention. The camera’s single-tap activation and 90 second recording buffer ensure that even as officers arrive on the scene, they’re capturing the entire encounter on video. Seeing officers with body cameras often helps de-escalate heated interactions between students. At sporting events, officers use the body camera footage to help school officials identify unruly students for future disciplinary action.

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