Elevating access control at a NYC high-rise

Helm Equities protects tenants with a comprehensive security and service solution that integrates 2N intercoms with Carson virtual doorman app and more

“Tenants expect upscale security and service in a luxury building like ours. With this integrated solution, we’ve given them even more than they expected. And it’s so easy to use that it’s become second nature to them.” Ayal Horovits, co-owner of Helm Equities.


When planning The Orchard, a new luxury apartment building in Lower Manhattan, Helm Equities knew future residents would expect the property to include high-end security and exceptional services. While many New York high-rises employ doormen to fill that role, the company realized it would be cost-prohibitive to do so for this case. Given that people are already comfortable using online services, management decided to explore a virtual solution instead.


A cohort of four companies seamlessly linked their open platform technologies together to provide Helm Equities with a complete security and service solution. 2N (an Axis company) provided a 2N® IP Verso audiovisual intercom for the front door. Carson, a 2N technology integration partner, provided a virtual doorman app and 24/7 remote doorman services. Brivo, another 2N technology integration partner, provided electronic door locks and an access control system. And Eagle Eye Networks, an Axis partner, provided the cloud video management system (VMS). Because the entire solution is controlled through the easy-to-use Carson app, users never see the underlying complexity of the system.


Tenants can now answer intercom calls, open doors, direct the elevator to pick them up, communicate with Helm Equities, even pay their rent from a single app on their phone. The technology integration allows residents to use the same frequency operator button (fob) or app to enter the front door, unlock the package and bike rooms, and more. When they’re not home, they can rely on the doorman service to screen couriers, and service people and visitors through the 2N intercom.

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