Broome County trusts Axis for modernized surveillance

Broome County, NY deploys IP video surveillance to secure emergency radio towers, nursing homes, other essential services

“Previously, only the security department had access to the footage from the analog cameras, and it would take time for staff to go to specific locations around the county, retrieve the footage, and sort through it for the requestor. Now we give authorized users remote access to the cameras they are responsible for, and they can find their own footage. The requestor gets access to it faster, and security staff can do other meaningful work.” Karen Andrews, Assistant Director, Information Services, Broome County, NY.


Following a multi-million-dollar upgrade to the county’s emergency radio towers, officials from Broome County, NY, located in the state’s Southern Tier, quickly realized that additional protections would be necessary to keep these sites secured. Given the resources that were invested in the project, which included tower site expansions, radio equipment upgrades, and additional communications assets in support of the Emergency Management Services and Public Safety Departments, the county determined that stronger, more streamlined surveillance capabilities would be needed.


Integrated Systems, an Axis systems integrator partner, recommended that the county explore a number of surveillance products that would help secure both the tower sites and the equipment contained therein. Each tower site was armed with equipment capable of detecting motion at the perimeter, recording any activity, and saving the footage to a central data store rather than on-site storage. PTZ cameras capable of zeroing in on and recording detected movement are an essential part of this solution, with cameras providing alerts to appropriate personnel in the event that unauthorized activity is detected. All camera feeds are managed through the Qognify Ocularis VMS Platform, which enables convenient remote management of both active feeds and archived video.


The Axis products deployed at the Broome County radio tower sites have not only helped keep these towers safe from would-be trespassers but have saved countless man hours and other county resources due to a major reduction in false alarms. The ability to look in on live footage from these locations has helped to identify false alarms before unnecessarily deploying personnel to remote tower locations. Today, Broome County has expanded its use of Axis cameras beyond these radio tower sites, deploying them to help secure a local nursing home as well as the county sheriff’s interview rooms.

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