Protecting nightshift cashiers from harm

ARCO am/pm convenience store thwarts robbers and shoplifters with Axis camera and an intelligent biometric software solution

“We put the Axiscameras with Blue Line software in place to protect our customers and cashiers. If anyone objects to having their picture taken at the door, they’re welcome to shop elsewhere.” Khushdip Hans, franchise owner of ARCO am/pm convenience store in Yakima, Washington.


The ARCO am/pm convenience store in Yakima, Washington has always been a proponent of surveillance cameras to deter theft. But when a tragic robbery occurred at a neighboring convenience store, the franchise owner knew it was time to ratchet up his store’s security even more. He was particularly concerned about the safety of employees on the graveyard shift, a time when convenience stores are most often targeted. He began looking for a solution that would assist in preventing an armed robbery from occurring.


Skyline Communications, a Seattle-based systems integrator and Axis partner, installed an HDTV-resolution Axis camera at the store’s front entrance tied to an automated door locking mechanism. The camera is equipped with intelligent biometric software from Blue Line Technology and monitored through computer at the register. The solution requires that anyone wanting to enter the store from dusk to dawn, when the door is locked, must show their face to the camera. The door will automatically unlock and allow nighttime patrons into the store when the system detects a human face and determines it isn’t on the store’s list of prior offenders. As an added safety precaution, the cashier can push a button to override the locking mechanism.


Since installing the system, the store has thwarted two attempted robberies and blocked several known shoplifters from returning to the store. With greater nighttime security, cashier retention has increased from four months to more than two years. Adding the Axis cameras with Blue Line Technology software to its other loss prevention measures has also enabled ARCO am/pm to reduce shrinkage to less than 1%.

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