Marshall County Public Library improves foot traffic data accuracy

Easy-to-use people counting system from Axis provides real-time measurements of people flow and meeting room usage

“Our employees are in love. The ability to access the data of multiple libraries from one location made life so much easier for all of us. Not to mention the system is easy to learn, and it provides the precise data in different formats and graphs.” Wes Smith, Technology Coordinator, Marshall County Public Library.


Marshall Country Public Library is a collection of three separate libraries in Marshall County, Kentucky. They wanted to find a new system that would improve the current foot traffic data from all three libraries and, more importantly, measure the foot traffic and usage of the meeting rooms within the establishments. Wes Smith, Technology Coordinator, said that, “We tried using our existing security camera system, but we were not able to measure foot traffic effectively and also we felt it was not user-friendly.”


Marshall County Public Library decided to adopt AXIS People Counter as it could adapt to the branched library structure. The new system is more accurate when it comes to measuring foot traffic and, as Wes Smith continues, they “get all of it with a very cost effective solution”. The new system now enables staff to access the data from all the libraries and in particular the foot traffic for each meeting room remotely.


AXIS People Counter enables staff to access data for the various branches from one central location through a much more user-friendly process. The new system “provides the precise data in formats and graphs” and enables them to “look at the counting in real-time,” said Wes Smith. The needs of the 31,000-strong community are much more manageable with the people counting solution providing numbers that staff can rely on.

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