AXIS Companion

Videoüberwachung ganz einfach

  • Einfache und intuitive Überwachung
  • Sicherer Fernzugriff auf Videodaten
  • Mobile App für große Benutzerfreiheit
  • Schnelle, vereinfachte Systemkonfiguration
  • Skalierbar und zukunftssicher

AXIS Companion video management software is designed for small systems needing to monitor their premises, people and assets. With outstanding usability, AXIS Companion is intuitive and easy to operate helping to reduce the cost of training and support. 

Optimiert für einen Grundbedarf an Videoüberwachung

Die Videoverwaltungssoftware AXIS Companion ist für kleine Unternehmen ausgelegt, die ihre Gebäude, Personen und Anlagen überwachen möchten. Sie bietet eine schnelle und einfache Systemkonfiguration sowie einen intuitiven Betrieb.

Available at any time, from anywhere

Axis Secure Remote Access technology allows users easy access to live or recorded video even from remote directly on a mobile device or PC with no need for network or router configuration.

Protect your investment

AXIS Companion is a future-proof solution that scales seamlessly up to 16 cameras per location. It offers tight integration with all products in the AXIS Companion at the same time as it offers the full flexibility of Axis’ complete product portfolio.

Expand your system

AXIS Companion video management software supports the big portfolio of Axis video surveillance devices, so you can expand your system for any changing needs. Tight integration of IP-camerasvideo encoders and network door stations ensures you will to get the most out of your surveillance system.


Benchmark Magazine

Der AXIS Camera Companion ist flexibel, funktional und bedienerfreundlich. Er bietet eine überzeugende Alternative zum herkömmlichen Videoüberwachungssystem.

ASIS International

ASIS International, USA, hat AXIS Companion zu einem der Gewinner seines 2012 ASIS Accolades Award gewählt.

Electronic Security Expo

AXIS Companion wurde auf der Electronic Security Expo (ESX) 2012 zum besten Videoüberwachungssystem gekürt

PC-Client herunterladen

Important, please read the “earlier release” section below before downloading!

Release notes

Axis Mobile Viewing App

Do you need an earlier release of AXIS Companion?


There are circumstances where you need an earlier release of AXIS Companion:


  • If you have devices with a firmware older than 8.40
  • If your site has no internet access
  • If you use a third-party NAS

The migration guide contains information that will help you decide what version you need. 


Download AXIS Companion version 3:
Desktop app
Mobile app for iOS
Mobile app for Android


Documentation for AXIS Companion version 3:
Migration guide
User Manual

Discover the complete video surveillance solution for small businesses.