AXIS T8154 60W SFP Midspan

For network or fiber installations

  • SFP slot for fiber
  • Integrated midspan
  • High PoE 60 W
  • Support for all Axis network products

AXIS T8154 60 W SFP Midspan is a compact, plug-and-play media converter with PoE. With its integrated power supply, it minimizes the amount of cabling and facilitates installation. AXIS T8154 offers data input through SFP or RJ45, and delivers High PoE 60 W. It works with all Axis network products supporting Power over Ethernet.

System example


AXIS T91A03 DIN-Schienenklemme A (5 Stck.)

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AXIS T91H61-Wandhalterung

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AXIS T91G61-Wandhalterung

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AXIS T93F20 Gehäuse für den Außenbereich

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AXIS T90C Fixed Dome IR-LED

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Power over Ethernet

AXIS T8061 Ethernet-Überspannungsschutz

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Network Switches

AXIS T8516 PoE+-Netzwerk-Switch

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AXIS T8613 SFP Module 1000BASE-T

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AXIS T8612 SFP Module LC.SX

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AXIS T8611 SFP Module LC.LX

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Kabel und Steckverbinder

Netzkabelwinkel C13, offen, 0,5 m

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