More than public address – the benefits of audio in education

    Communication plays an important role in the day-to-day operations in education. Whether used for activity announcements, classroom change tones, modified school schedules, calls to the office, or emergency notifications, audio is critical to a school’s ecosystem. However, many education providers still rely on traditional analog audio systems. These older “intercom” systems typically operate in a … Continued

      4 ways that audio solutions can contribute to a smarter and safer city

      Discussions around safety and security in smart cities often focus heavily on the visual. This is not unreasonable; cameras are crucially important to any effective security system and with advances in camera technology, they are better than ever. But the value of audio should not be overlooked, and can be used as a valuable complement and even … Continued

        Why invest in network intercoms?

        Network intercoms offer a convenient way to protect your premises. Combining communication, video surveillance and remote entry control into one single device makes it a great addition to your surveillance solution. This article examines how open network intercoms could benefit your business. Superior video and audio performance Network intercoms make access control and security more … Continued

          Managing multi-store retail with a centralized surveillance system

          From network video to audio solutions, the use of surveillance technology can help retailers optimize their business and in doing so unlock its full potential. Network video solutions enable you to collect and more accurately reflect customer behavioural data (e.g., knowing the number of people who enter the store, and how they navigate the shop … Continued

            The smarter future of autonomous retail

            While the foundation of autonomous retail has been built up over the past few years, it is only now that retailers are beginning to fully experiment with the technology. Indeed, a small number of businesses have already forged ahead, including Amazon with the expansion of its Amazon Go chain and related app now seeing a … Continued

              How network audio and video solutions support the evolution of retail pharmacies

              The physical retail industry is constantly looking at ways to use technology to tackle their biggest challenges, especially when faced with increasing competition from online counterparts. The retail pharmacy sector is no exception and due to market shifts and changing restrictions, some have undergone a bit of an evolution. They have moved beyond simply distributing … Continued