Temperature monitoring in hazardous areas can optimize operational efficiency

    Across a wide range of industrial processes, temperature is an indicator of machine or system health. While rising temperatures can indicate the potential for overheating, lower temperatures can signal a pressure leak. As a result, the ability to effectively monitor system temperature is an important contributor to optimizing operational efficiency. Most seriously, rapidly rising temperature … Continued

      Using video surveillance to monitor extreme weather

      Video surveillance, while typically associated with security, is increasingly being used for other use cases. For instance, we’re increasingly seeing video surveillance being used for safety purposes. This is to help mitigate unintentional dangers and incidents that can cause harm to people, property, and the environment. One of the reasons for this rise in safety … Continued

        Supporting smart city objectives with a single surveillance camera

        Collaboration is key to successful smart city development. The ecosystem of different public authorities must cooperate to ensure that processes and responses across the city are optimized and efficient. One of the key challenges that we see for cities on their journey to becoming “smart”, is that authorities and organizations work in “silos” with their … Continued

          7 potential issues with video surveillance in police investigations

          Today’s video surveillance systems are often designed as a preventive element, a tool for real-time monitoring or automatic event assessment. But when it comes to a real crime investigation, nothing is as important as a quality recording. Captain Ing. Martin Spurný, a police forensic expert with more than 18 years of experience with the most … Continued

            Tackling the issue of noise pollution in smart cities

            Noise pollution is the second most damaging environmental threat to human health of the modern day. This may come as a surprise to many. Sure, it can be annoying hearing the constant thrum of traffic or music from a club in the early hours, but second most dangerous? Unfortunately, it is very much the case. … Continued

              How panoramic and PTZ cameras add value in cities

              Imagine being in a busy city square and an incident occurs in the far corner. You hear shouting and perhaps see a scuffle, but would you be able to provide accurate details of what happened based on your view? Chances are that there are some elements that you missed due to the distance, obstructions to … Continued