How remote patient monitoring safeguards patient care and optimizes workflows

    The healthcare sector has seen some of the most significant advances in technology. From hospital-based machinery to health trackers, technology providers are continually innovating to help practitioners monitor patient health. Despite these innovations, healthcare facilities – and particularly hospitals – remain under resourced. Many are still recovering from the impact of the peak of the […]

      Securing long-term care

      Long-term care is not only an area of professional focus for me. It’s also important to me on a personal level. Like so many others, I have experienced the decline of an elderly parent and witnessed their journey through the managed care system. Sadly, I have also lost a loved one who contracted COVID-19 in […]

        Body worn camera versatility: addressing a variety of industry needs

        The usefulness of body worn cameras in law enforcement and security segments has been established. In the US, body worn solutions are even becoming mandatory for law enforcement agencies, state by state. Yet the availability of open-platform body worn cameras and increasingly smaller, lighter, and more discreet sensors has made this technology ideal for addressing […]

          Wearable devices in healthcare: What’s the role of body worn solutions?

          Wearable technology has been prominently part of public safety for years, and its usage has only continued to grow within this market. Most recently, the usage of body worn, or wearable devices, have grown in the healthcare market as well, particularly in the traditional security sense with security officers who wear them while on duty. […]

            Improving patient care – today and tomorrow

            This blog was first published in December, 2018 – long before anyone had ever heard of COVID-19. Fast forward to today and  cameras play an increasingly vital role in patient care, as healthcare systems face new struggles with increased patient loads and a shortage of PPE. This provides a good example of how an investment […]

              Safeguarding patients, providers and PPE in today’s healthcare environment

              Innovation in the field of healthcare is nothing new. Over the centuries we’ve seen a rise in new surgical devices, treatment protocols, and medicines to combat disease, physical frailties, and other medical challenges. But there’s another area where innovation is occurring, and that’s in the way clinicians are interacting with their patients. Today, tele-health visits […]