6 questions you may have forgotten to ask when developing your perimeter protection plan

    It takes more to protect a perimeter than simply building a tall fence topped with barbed wire. A well-secured perimeter contains myriad layers of defenses reinforced with robust security solutions. More than ever before, organizations are realizing the value of stopping criminals well before they can damage property, or hurt customers or employees. In fact, […]

      Challenging the myths of edge storage

      Not every SD card is created equal. In fact, advances in edge storage mean that SD cards optimized for surveillance are a world away from traditional SD cards with more limited functionality and endurance. Yet misperceptions around SD cards are pervasive in the market. Where the belief persists that ‘any SD card will do the […]

        Retailers Have a New Superpower

        This is a joint post between Jody Bishop and James Stark. Next-Gen Computer Vision Offers Extraordinary Abilities and Insights The old adage “knowledge is power” is as true today as it ever was. It’s clear that individuals and organizations make better decisions when armed with accurate and timely information. Today, advanced technology plays a major […]

          Establishing an Analytics Maturity Model

          The world of video surveillance has changed considerably over the past several decades. Analog cameras have fallen by the wayside in favor of internet protocol (IP) cameras capable of providing better image quality and vastly increased processing power. This has paved the way for the emergence of video analytics tools that can greatly enhance the […]

            What is your store showing you? Understand it with retail analytics

            Video surveillance has historically been used to monitor for loss prevention, recording footage to later be reviewed. Of course, that is a basic and prevalent function that is still necessary; thorough coverage of your store is crucial. But what if a surveillance solution could do more—to not only prevent losses but increase efficiency and ultimately […]

              How thermal cameras boost your surveillance solution

              Thermal cameras can be used for various applications where accurate detection is crucial. From perimeter protection and detecting changes to ambient temperatures to patient monitoring to ensuring equipment is operating safely and many more. Thermal cameras are continuing to grow in popularity due to their ability to detect potential threats and reduce false alarms – […]