Tackling the issue of noise pollution in smart cities

    Noise pollution is the second most damaging environmental threat to human health of the modern day. This may come as a surprise to many. Sure, it can be annoying hearing the constant thrum of traffic or music from a club in the early hours, but second most dangerous? Unfortunately, it is very much the case. … Continued

      How panoramic and PTZ cameras add value in cities

      Imagine being in a busy city square and an incident occurs in the far corner. You hear shouting and perhaps see a scuffle, but would you be able to provide accurate details of what happened based on your view? Chances are that there are some elements that you missed due to the distance, obstructions to … Continued

        Why invest in network intercoms?

        Network intercoms offer a convenient way to protect your premises. Combining communication, video surveillance and remote entry control into one single device makes it a great addition to your surveillance solution. This article examines how open network intercoms could benefit your business. Superior video and audio performance Network intercoms make access control and security more … Continued

          Environmentally friendly surveillance: This is what you should think about

          The growing environmental awareness and the demand for a more sustainable future are a force that few companies can afford to neglect. This blog post helps eco-minded companies make more sustainable choices for their surveillance systems. As we all know, sustainability and caring for the environment are increasingly getting essential across most industries. The security … Continued

            Empowering flexible and scalable solutions with modular cameras

            We are all familiar with traditional video surveillance cameras in retail stores, at banks, as we travel through airports or eat at restaurants. Over the past several decades, security cameras have become almost ubiquitous in our daily lives. They might blend into the background yet are still instantly recognizable: a dome in a ceiling, perhaps, … Continued

              Fighting fire with cameras – an innovative and logical step forward

              Thousands of fires are recorded by fire and rescue services every year. These can have wide ranging causes, but the effect is always devastating if not immediately halted. Devastating wildfires such as the recent Maui Fires of August 2023 and the Australian bushfire season of 2019-20 –colloquially known as the Black Summer – are sobering … Continued