Safety, security, and efficiency across the logistics center

    While the significant spike in online retail volume has declined somewhat since the Covid peak, its trajectory continues to rise. In the US, at the end of last year, total e-commerce trade as a share of total retail sales reached 13%, while in the UK the current figure is more than 26%. This increase continues […]

      How increasing drone use is ushering in a new threat vector for data centers

      Drones are becoming big business. The use of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) is predicted to see huge increases as their legitimate function within enterprise environments such as agriculture, construction, media, and law enforcement deliver significant operational benefits. But the expected growth of drones, given by one source to be as much as 67% CAGR over […]

        QR codes for smart, cost-effective access control

        Created in the mid-1990s, QR codes* have become increasingly prominent over the past few years, particularly in industries where low-touch solutions have been required. Within access control systems, traditional plastic cards are still prevalent as credentials. However, these can be lost or shared between visitors, making it difficult to control and monitor who is getting […]

          4 Ways You Win with an Open, Single-Vendor Security Solution

          Building your customers’ security solutions used to be a binary choice. In general, if your clients had more complex needs and wanted a best-of-breed solution, you went in an open-platform, multi-vendor direction. If their needs were simpler or you wanted an easier option to service, you opted for a proprietary, single-vendor solution. The problem with […]

            Smoke detection analytics in explosion-protected cameras: safety where it’s needed most

            “There’s no smoke without fire” is a proverb most of us are familiar with, but even taking its literal meaning is of value: smoke is an early warning of a much more serious potential issue if not tackled quickly. In any environment – from public spaces to warehouses, from stadiums to factories – it’s obvious […]

              Introducing thermal and radar for cost effective perimeter protection at sites of all scale

              This post is a collaboration between Magnus Lundegård & Niklas Lindman, Global Product Managers Thermal and Radar. Deploying radar technology and thermal imaging can create a more effective security solution for a wide range of installations, from small facilities such as builders’ yards, to large high value facilities, such as petrochemical plants and solar farms. […]