Taking a borderless approach to cybersecurity governance

    Robust cybersecurity has never been more important as cyberattacks continue to increase. In fact, against UK businesses alone, malicious attacks increased by nearly 20% in 2020 as bad actors took advantage of vulnerabilities introduced by remote working. Driven by the potential for financial gain or widespread disruption, cybercriminals can be highly motivated adversaries. Fortunately, businesses … Continued

      How to manage the changing cybersecurity landscape for critical infrastructure and industrial operations

      Consultants and specialists designing and implementing surveillance and security solutions for industry and critical infrastructure face unique pressures. The physical protection of such ‘essential entities’ (as regulation increasingly refers to them) is obviously paramount, but today they also face the need to support protection from attacks in the digital realm. In addition, a changing regulatory … Continued

        Physical security and cybersecurity – are they so different?

        Large organizations will typically have a physical security team and a separate IT team focused on cybersecurity.  Both teams protect the organization’s assets and resources.  So it is natural that one may think that this would make them great friends. The challenge is that the assets and resources are different.  Protection is an obstacle designed … Continued

          Cybersecurity opportunities for system integrators

          GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) compliance and cybersecurity are intrinsically linked. While the former involves governments and regulators aiming to protect personal data, at the same time cybercriminals are planning how to steal this data for financial gain. The risks associated with complacency around GDPR compliance and inadequate cybersecurity have been much publicized in the … Continued

            The impact of AI analytics and cybersecurity

            The topic of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is picking up a vast amount of momentum and coverage across the security industry. Despite the varying definitions of AI, what industry experts can agree on is that the true potential is still to be realized. Digital transformation is crucial for businesses of the future. Front and center of … Continued

              Protecting critical infrastructure in a world of escalating cyberattacks

              Examples of the increasing number and severity of cyberattacks against critical infrastructure are, unfortunately, easier than ever to find. A recent example occurred in May 2021, when the hacking group DarkSide infected computers of Colonial Pipeline – the operator of the largest pipeline system for refined oil products in the United States – with ransomware … Continued