Staying safe and secure during business growth

In broad terms, ‘growth’ is the goal for almost every business. Though often defined in different ways – more customers, more revenue, increased profit – all these factors point towards organizations getting bigger. And for the majority of businesses, financial growth results in physical growth: more employees, a bigger office, larger warehouses, and an increase in the size and number of sites. And while these factors are signs of a business doing well, all bring associated risks that need to be managed. The effective use of video surveillance is central to staying safe and secure.

More people, more buildings, more risks

The most obvious aspects of a growing business are more people, often accommodated in a larger office. Providing access for only authorized personnel is the first essential step in a secure working environment. A video management system (VMS) will deliver a platform allowing integration with other applications and functionality, such as audio products and visitor management.

Sadly, more employees can also increase the risk associated with theft, particularly in sectors such as retail. Again, video surveillance – particularly through overt network cameras – can act as not only a significant deterrent to theft, but also as critical evidence in identifying thieves after the event. The risk of theft is not only related to internal employees, of course. As businesses increase the size and number of warehouses and sites, perimeters can become more easily breached by those with criminal intent and comprehensive video surveillance becomes an essential addition to physical security patrols.

A safe and secure working environment

A safe working environment is something that all businesses must provide. Again, video surveillance will help in monitoring adherence to relevant health and safety practices and, particularly when combined with audio capabilities, can act as a deterrent to anyone looking to make shortcuts.

Finally, looking forward, new analytics software will start to allow the information captured through network video cameras to provide valuable insight that will enable businesses of all types to optimize their operations. We’re already seeing this in the retail sector, and it will soon be coming to other industries.

Business growth is a good thing, but to pursue growth at the cost of safety and security will prove to be a false economy in the long-term.

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