How data-driven insights can optimize the in-store experience

    Data is increasingly at the heart of every business. The ability to collect, analyze and derive actionable insights from multiple sources of data can have a direct impact on the bottom line. This is most evident when we consider the shopping experience and putting those insights into practice can be the difference between winning a … Continued

      How surveillance technology can help cities achieve their sustainability goals

      Sustainability is an objective high on everyone’s agenda. In every nation across the globe, we all have a responsibility and role to play in building a more sustainable future. Cities have a disproportionate impact on the environment. As major economic drivers producing over 80% of the world’s GDP, they also produce more than 70% of … Continued

        The importance of testing analytics algorithms in the real world

        Anything developed and tested in ideal ‘lab’ conditions can find its performance compromised in real-world environments. The perfect conditions in a wind tunnel might, on paper, have a designer believe she’s engineered the world’s best Formula One racing car. But on a blustery April day on the Portuguese coast the testing models can, quite literally, … Continued

          Challenging the myths of edge storage

          Not every SD card is created equal. In fact, advances in edge storage mean that SD cards optimized for surveillance are a world away from traditional SD cards with more limited functionality and endurance. Yet misperceptions around SD cards are pervasive in the market. Where the belief persists that ‘any SD card will do the … Continued

            What factors should you consider for optimal video analytics performance?

            AI continues to be hailed as the technology that will augment and improve human performance in many sectors and the video surveillance industry is no exception. AI-based analytics is increasingly being used to quickly process large amounts of data and trigger actions. These functions help to support a security team when monitoring large and changing … Continued

              6 questions you may have forgotten to ask when developing your perimeter protection plan

              It takes more to protect a perimeter than simply building a tall fence topped with barbed wire. A well-secured perimeter contains myriad layers of defenses reinforced with robust security solutions. More than ever before, organizations are realizing the value of stopping criminals well before they can damage property, or hurt customers or employees. In fact, … Continued