Axis cameras help Croatia with wildfire protection

Critical areas of Croatia are monitored by Axis cameras to prevent wildfires

“The system is based on high-resolution Axis cameras with precise control and great zoom capability that ensure good visibility both in day mode and in night mode. Automatic switching to near infrared further enhances the precision of the fire protection surveillance.” Mihael Ilić, head of the optical infrastructure and transmission networks department at OIV.


Croatia is one of the European countries most affected by wildfires. These devastating natural disasters often cause vast damage on property and environment, but most importantly, threaten the health and lives of Croatian citizens. In 2017, the worst season by far in Croatia for more than a decade, more than 7x the average area burnt, 104 fires of over 30 hectares and 329 fires in total. Transmitters and Communications Ltd. (OIV), the provider of national TV and radio broadcasting services in Croatia, in cooperation with Croatian Forest, thus decided to utilize the dense network of antenna towers for fire detection and monitoring of critical areas.


In cooperation with Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture in Split (FESB), a specialized video surveillance system called Stribor was created. To get the crucial, high-quality images to the system, 92 Axis cameras were installed in the fire surveillance locations. With the help of a geographic information system (GIS), the surveillance network hubbed in four surveillance operational centers providing essential information about fire locations to increase the efficiency and speed of fire-fighting forces.


OIV’s project of fire detection has been rewarded as the best security project in Croatia. In direct consequence of the technology improvements, OIV reduced the areas ruined by forest fires. In addition to decreasing environmental and property damage, there are significant cost savings in air fleet fuel when fires are managed well in early stages.

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