Network video surveillance at Václav Havel Airport Prague

Increased security for civil aviation, efficient crime prevention and enhanced operation control with Axis network cameras

“The gradual integration of video network components is already bringing tangible results. Whether it is a question of simpler administration of the whole system, savings on future expansion, or the picture quality of the new IP cameras itself, it is clear to see that in our case network video surveillance is the way to go in the future.” Jan Douša, head of information security for the company Český Aeroholding.


Ensuring greater security for passengers and using a uniform integrated solution to network video surveillance were the basic tasks for modernizing the camera systems of several extensive building complexes at Prague Ruzyně airport, which have been connected to one comprehensive system soon expected to contain more than 1500 cameras. The goal of this gradual reconstruction is to improve accessibility of data, to adapt the system to the complex conditions and various requirements of the airport’s premises, and to build an entire system on one central platform.


The first step was to transfer the entire system to joint VMS Omnicast software from the company Genetec, which enabled simpler data access. The existing analog cameras were connected to the digital network with the aid of video encoders, and it was decided that only network cameras would be used in the future. AXIS P13 Network Camera Series were chosen as a reference.


At least 50 IP cameras, which can be effortlessly integrated into Genetec’s software-based system, have been installed over the last two years. The AXIS P13 Series, which reduces expenses during installation and produces a higher resolution picture, is a valued asset for the airport’s operations and security departments.

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