AXIS Perimeter Defender

High-security, scalable perimeter protection

  • High detection accuracy and reliability
  • Scalable perimeter protection
  • Multiple detection scenarios
  • i-LIDS certified
  • Easy and intuitive installation

Your first layer of defense

AXIS Perimeter Defender gives you an edge where security starts – at the perimeter of your facilities. It’s ideal for reinforcing physical access control for high-security facilities such as chemical plants, power plants and prisons and for critical infrastructure. Together with Axis network cameras, horn speakers, and video management software, AXIS Perimeter Defender comprises a comprehensive video-based solution for effective perimeter protection. It is i-LIDS certified as a primary detection system for monitoring sterile zones.

AXIS Perimeter Defender provides accurate detection capabilities with support for multiple detection scenarios, including intrusion detection and loitering. The application can detect multiple events occurring simultaneously in different places. It analyzes detected events, dismisses non-threatening ones and notifies security staff of potentially critical situations. Your staff can then choose to view detailed video footage to determine the precise nature of the threat – and act accordingly. The result is accurate detection and minimal false alarms. 

Detection scenarios

AXIS Perimeter Defender can detect and trigger an alarm for four different types of scenarios:

  • Intrusion: When one or more persons or vehicles enter a predetermined zone
  • Zone crossing: When a person or vehicle passes through two predetermined zones in a predetermined order and direction.
  • Loitering:  When a person or a vehicle remains in a predetermined zone for more than a certain number of seconds.
  • Conditional zone crossing: When a person or a vehicle enters a predetermined zone without starting in or passing through one or more predetermined zones. 

Scalable perimeter protection

AXIS Perimeter Defender is a scalable analytics application that can be embedded in as many network cameras or video encoders as required. The application analyzes the video for alarm events directly on the network camera or video encoder. Since the video is not sent to a central server for analysis, there is no need for additional hardware. It  makes the system flexible and scalable, and also minimizes the use of network bandwidth and storage space.

AXIS Perimeter Defender enables event streaming to a video management software and camera actions such as I/O control, notifications and edge storage.

Once everything is in place, you can control the entire system from a single interface and location.

Included applications

  • Free system-management application: Connect to and manage all cameras from a single interface.
  • Free system-design tool: Drag and drop “cameras” on a map and immediately see approximate detection ranges and blind spots. 
  • Optional VMS integration modules for Milestone and Genetec: Visualize the cause of an alarm by outlining the person or vehicle triggering it in the video.

Installation that's as easy as 1, 2, 3

Installing and configuring AXIS Perimeter Defender is fast, simple and cost-effective. You can deploy and configure it simultaneously on multiple cameras. The application includes intuitive system design tools and automatic calibration. Support and upgrades are included in the license.

Simply download and install the software on your PC. In the application, connect and configure the cameras, integrate the events with your video management system, and you're up and running.

How to buy

Single or 10-pack license codes can be purchased from an Axis Channel Partner. One license is required per camera. The license can be activated through the license key registration page. A 60-day trial version is available online.


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Plugins and more


  • Design tool for AXIS Perimeter Defender
  • Milestone Plugin
  • Genetec Plugins