With a UK threat attack ‘highly likely’, is our national infrastructure at risk?

    Our critical national infrastructure (CNI) underpins the foundation of our modern existence, yet as most of its operation takes place ‘behind the scenes’, it is often so seamless that we hardly notice it’s there. Energy, water supplies, transportation and even logistics are all essential components of our modern world. Disruption, damage to or sabotage of […]

      Safety and security in food production

      There’s a strong argument to say that food production should be regarded as much as a part of a nation’s critical industries as the provision of energy, water, healthcare and financial services. Disruption to the production of food, the potential danger this can present to consumers, and the shortages on supermarket shelves that this can […]

        Guarding against explosions in agriculture and food production

        Balancing safety and security is essential in any sector, and it’s certainly the case in agriculture and food production. While surveillance brings many benefits, it’s critical that any security solution plays a role in reducing other safety risks. Here we explore how explosion-protected cameras can offer all the benefits of high-quality surveillance, while also guarding […]

          Automated Flare Monitoring – A step towards digitalization

          Even to those not working in the oil and gas industry, the image of a burning flare above an industrial plant is a familiar one. For people working directly in the sector, the critical importance of gas flares in ensuring Health and Safety is well-understood. Industrial flaring is a regulatory requirement to manage the releases […]

            Data center security, from the perimeter to the rack

            If data is the new oil, as has often been claimed, are data centers the new power stations? It might sound like a grand claim, but when more and more of the data storage, processing and analytics that underpins so many aspects of business and society is handled by data centers, it’s perhaps not so […]

              Cybersecurity in process monitoring within Oil and Gas

              I have been involved in the oil and gas industry in one form or another for over thirty-five years. This long tenure has enabled me to witness incredible changes in both the market and technology. There have been busts and booms, the discovery of new oil and gas fields and techniques to reach these reserves. […]