Why Academy?

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Education and skill-building are powerful tools

You need knowledge, skills, and understanding to add value to every customer interaction. The Axis Communications Academy has been an acknowledged industry resource since its inception in 2005. By sharing our experience and knowledge, we provide a way to unlock your team’s full potential to accelerate performance, maximize opportunity and stay on the cutting edge in an ever-changing world.

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Improve performance

A well-trained team is essential for top performance, customer satisfaction, and the success of your business. Comprehensive training, solution know-how, and best practices make your business more efficient – so it can reach new heights.

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Maximize opportunity

The more skilled and competent your team, the easier it is to maximize new opportunities. Take advantage of our industry-recognized training across Axis solutions, technologies, and beyond and position your business for success.

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Stay on the cutting edge

Give your organization a competitive advantage with up-to-date expertise and knowledge. Relevant and accessible training from the source of the latest expert knowledge will keep your business at the cutting edge.

Start exploring!

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Knowledge areas

We share knowledge on topics like network video, audio, end-to-end solutions, and more.
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Learning tracks

Remain an expert in your field with training packages about various business areas.
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Learning formats

Find the learning format that best suits your learning style, preferences, and needs.
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Axis Certification Program

Gain a competitive advantage by validating your network video knowledge with industry-recognized credentials.

What’s in it for you?


  • Gain the latest industry know-how
  • Get deep technical understanding
  • Strengthen practical skills
  • Boost your confidence in designing efficient solutions


  • Deliver effective solutions
  • Deliver well-designed solutions
  • Provide efficient installations
  • Remain at the forefront of a rapidly changing industry


  • Work with a competent advisor you can trust
  • Benefit from scalable solutions
  • Get higher-quality installations
  • Get the most value out of solutions