AXIS Device Manager

Easy, cost-effective and secure management of Axis devices

  • Manage all major installation, security & operational tasks — most Axis devices
  • Fast, easy configuration of new devices — backup and restore settings
  • Efficient installation of firmware upgrades and applications
  • Apply cybersecurity controls — manage HTTPS and IEEE 802.1x certificates, manage accounts and passwords
  • Suitable for sites of all sizes — single or multiple site installations
  • Possibility to view warranty status of your devices

All major device management tasks. Most Axis devices.

AXIS Device Manager is an on-premise tool that delivers an easy, cost-effective and secure way to perform device management. It offers security installers and system administrators a highly effective tool to manage all major installation, security and maintenance tasks. It is compatible with the majority of Axis network cameras, access control and audio devices. AXIS Device Manager is replacing AXIS Camera Management.

Manage one or multiple sites

AXIS Device Manager suits sites with large quantities of device installations. It is suitable for managing up to a couple thousand Axis devices on one site — or several thousand devices on a multiple sites.

Broad range of device management functions

AXIS Device Manager offers broad range of functions to manage all major installation, security and maintenance device management tasks. Watch instructional videos that describe how to manage each of these tasks in AXIS Device Manager.


  • Assign IP address
  • Export device list & keep track of asset*
  • User and password management*
  • ACAP management
  • Firmware based on LTS or Active*
  • HTTPS certificate management*
  • Manage IEEE 802.1x certificates*¹
  • Device tagging


  • Device status
  • Collect device data
  • Configure devices and copy configurations to multiple devices
  • Connect to multiple servers/systems
  • Restore points
  • Restore factory default settings
  • Replace device
  • Certificate renewal and management*
  • Cybersecurity hardening*


* Indicates cybersecurity function

*¹ Active Directory Certificate Services not currently supported; validated for FreeRADIUS running on Linux

AXIS Device Manager

The latest version of this software is 5.18.077
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