Audio management software

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Manage and control your audio system efficiently regardless of its size and complexity

Axis audio management software lets you spend your time where it can add the most value – not on worrying whether or when your content will get where you need it.

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We’ve got you covered

Whether you’re working with a small or large system, one site or many, you can look forward to easy, straightforward local or remote content management, scheduling, user permissions, and system health monitoring. Software for single-site management is embedded in all Axis audio hardware. Additionally, the standard version of our multisite management software is available free of charge.

To find the software that matches your needs, see the descriptions and tables below.

Audio management for single sites

AXIS Audio Manager Edge, pre-installed on all Axis audio hardware, is the best choice for smaller, more basic systems.

AXIS Audio Manager Pro is suited to larger, more advanced systems. 

AXIS Audio Manager Edge vs AXIS Audio Manager Pro

 AXIS Audio Manager EdgeAXIS Audio Manager Pro
Speakers (local site)2005000


Still not sure which one is for you? Check out our infographic.


Multisite audio management

AXIS Audio Manager Center dramatically simplifies multisite audio management for local sites that are using AXIS Audio Manager Edge.

This multisite audio management software is available in a free standard version with a limited feature set and in a fully featured, subscription-based premium version.

Need more information? See how they compare below.

AXIS Audio Manager Center


Standard version (unlicensed)

Premium version (licensed)

User management and access control


   MyAxis users

   Active Directory


(coming Q3)

   Role-based access control

Remote access


   Remote access to all sites in the system

Health monitoring


   Devices and site connections

   Email notifications

Content management and scheduling


   Individual site-by-site scheduling

   (provided by AAM Edge)

   Multisite music scheduling


   Multisite announcement scheduling


   Multisite advertisement scheduling


Firmware management


   Firmware upgrade of devices

Provided by ADM Extend

Provided by ADM Extend

AXIS Audio Remote (mobile app)


   Volume control