Axis IP cameras: safety at its best

50% reduction in larceny and vandalism cases at Vladivostok Sea Fishing Port with video surveillance system driven by Axis network cameras

“We have been collaborating with Axis for more than 9 years and now completing the project to install IP cameras at the whole territory of the port. However, we still keep a small number of analog cameras and can clearly see the advantages of IP cameras when speaking of image clarity, functionality and ease of use.” Oleg Petrovich Popko, Vladivostok Sea Fishing Port.


The Sea Fishing Port located at the coast of Gold Horn Bay at Vladivostok is a backbone enterprise of the city, which comprises more than 1200 employees. The port covers an area of 370,000m2, from which 120,000m2 are dedicated for open storage spaces and more than 45,000m2 are occupied with two indoor storage sites. Ten berths are spread along the coast for 2 kilometers. Cargo handling and cargo storage (mostly containers and large fish lots) make up the core business of the enterprise. Cranes, automatic and electric lift trucks, and other custom vehicles along with proprietary diesel locomotives are there to make things possible. The port is a mission critical site and therefore must involve a high-class security system combining video surveillance, alarm, and access control systems.


As far back as 9 years ago, the port management launched the migration from analog to network video cameras. Among the solutions offered by domestic and foreign manufacturers, Axis cameras stood out for their highly detailed images, ease of use and service support. AXIS 214 PTZ Network Cameras were purchased at the very beginning of the project and still ensure continuous and fail-safe operation. The number of IP cameras at the enterprise increased year after year and by 2016 this number exceeded 170 cameras. Today the core of the port video surveillance system is formed by AXIS M1114, AXIS M1031, AXIS M1104 and AXIS M1106 IP cameras mounted inside administrative buildings and warehouses, AXIS P5522 and AXIS Q1765 mounted outside, and thermal AXIS Q1921 cameras located along the perimeter.


Since the beginning of the project substituting analog cameras with IP cameras the number of larceny and vandalism cases at the port territory has been reduced by more than half. Moreover, in case of incidents, port security staff can ensure a quick response, define the precise cause and, if necessary submit high-quality video record to the police. Video analysis features make these cameras suitable for access control and monitoring of cargo handling operations.

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