Axis cameras protect Ningbo Public Security with HDTV network system

“The WDR functionality of the AXIS Q1604 Network Camera is excellent and helps provide better protection for a safer city.“ Zhang Zhijun, Jiangdong police ICT Branch.


Jiangdong District of Ningbo, China, is on the frontline of the city’s eastward development, playing a key role in its important construction projects. The demand for video surveillance was increasing in the various business units of the public security sub-bureau, and the public security administration built on video surveillance to manage the different communities, ensure safety, crack down on crime, maintain stability, and safeguard security of residents. In recent years, as digital video surveillance technologies have developed, system functionalities and features have been continuously improving; and further, the broadband network has been able speed up the digital video applications. Agencies at various levels thus shared the common purpose of including video surveillance as part of traffic management and urban safety.


The new city network system of Jiangdong, Ningbo is a converged management platform integrated with video surveillance, smart analytics, and electronic police, enabling Jiangdong Public Security Bureau to connect with its existing analog system and Ningbo Public Security Bureau’s third party platforms.


Axis cameras seamlessly integrate with the existing systems, allowing Jiangdong Public Security Bureau and the municipality to retrieve any image from the new digital system at any time, without modification to their existing systems. The new city digital video surveillance system of Jiangdong, Ningbo has been lauded as an excellent achievement in the city’s construction of digital video surveillance systems.

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