AXIS T8504-R Industrial PoE Switch

Managed, industrial PoE++ switch

  • 60W per port, 240W power budget
  • Compliant with High PoE 60W
  • High availability with Rapid Ring
  • Dual DC power redundancy
  • NEMA TS-2 Compliant

AXIS T8504-R Industrial PoE Switch is a 4-port managed industrial PoE++ Gigabit switch. In addition, the switch is equipped with two RJ45 and two SFP data ports that allows for extra devices to be connected.

For high demanding installations

The ruggedized industrial switch is developed for challenging environments, when mounted inside a surveillance cabinet. It is designed to withstand shock, vibrations and temperatures from -40 °C to 75 °C (-40 °F to 167 °F), making it perfect for high demanding installations such as alongside highways and tunnels.

Easy to install and configure

AXIS T8504-R Industrial PoE Switch, is easy to install by using standard Axis tools as AXIS IP Utility and AXIS Device Manager. AXIS T8504-R also comes with an individual password, an easy to use setup wizard, and a comprehensive set of configuration tools such as an integrated DHCP server for automatic assignment of IP addresses. It also allows for even more advanced network configuration such as Rapid Ring Protection Protocol, VLAN, QoS, Security, and Spanning tree to further optimize the total solution.

Total overview with unique user interface

AXIS T8504-R uses the same intuitive administrator interface as AXIS T85 PoE Network Switch Series .The unique web graphic user interface offers a graphic topology for easy overview of all devices in the system. The graphic user interface provides information, status and notifications about connected devices. It allows for management of all connected devices, reboot of cameras in the system, monitoring of network traffic, cable diagnostics and much more.

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This product has:

5-year warranty