A shared responsibility
We want to make it easier for you to put safeguards in place, so you can use our offerings in as secure a manner as possible. Mitigating the risks of cyberthreats is a shared responsibility.

Why cybersecurity is important?
Protecting networked products and software services from cyberthreats is key to securing the data and systems on your network.

What are the threats?
Threats to your system can be anything that can compromise or cause harm to your IT assets or resources. Common threats include unauthorized access, sabotage, and exploitation of vulnerabilities.

A compromised system can mean the loss of confidentiality and integrity of your data, or data can be unavailable when you need it.

Helping you do your part
Find below a range of resources that can help you to safeguard your system. And learn how we support cybersecurity – and you – throughout the lifecycle of an Axis product.



Find answers to common questions.


At a glance, access a host of cybersecurity resources, including hardening guides and policy documents.


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Securing better together

Learn about the cybersecurity measures Axis supports throughout the lifecycle of an Axis product.

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Software development

Learn how cybersecurity is an integral part of software development at Axis.

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Built-in cybersecurity features

Learn about the built-in cybersecurity features and technologies in Axis devices.


Supporting zero-trust networks

With standard protocols like HTTPS and IEEE 802.1X enabled by default, Axis devices can securely and automatically onboard to a network.

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Tools for cybersecurity

Learn about AXIS Device Manager and AXIS Device Manager Extend that make it easier to maintain the security of your devices.

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Vulnerability management

Axis is a CVE numbering authority, so we follow best practices in managing and responding to discovered vulnerabilities in our offering.

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Axis complies with a variety of regulatory requirements, covering, among other things, information security, privacy, and supply chain quality. 

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Axis cybersecurity e-brochure

The e-brochure covers topics such as cyberthreats, procurement considerations, the Axis device lifecycle approach, and compliance.

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See cybersecurity-related news from Axis.

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Read articles about cybersecurity on our blog.