AXIS Companion Cube LW

Indoor full HD IR wireless network camera

  • Wireless communication with support for a/b/g/n
  • High video quality in HDTV 1080p and 2 MP resolution 
  • Built-in IR illumination for surveillance in total darkness
  • WDR to handle scenes with complex light conditions
  • Built-in microphone, mini-speaker and PIR motion sensor
  • Bracket for wall and corner mount
  • AXIS Companion Card 64 GB included
  • 3 year warranty 

Suggested Retail Price: €279 (Not Including local Tax)

Detect movement in the dark

With AXIS Companion Cube, you’ll always be able to see exactly what’s going on at your premises – regardless of time of day or lighting. With an integrated PIR motion sensor and built-in IR illumination, AXIS Companion Cube detects movement even in the dark. With 1080p and 2MP resolution, AXIS Companion Cube delivers excellent Axis image quality. It offers built-in microphone and speaker to record sound or announce messages; functionality that is supported in AXIS Companion Video Management Software.

Easiest set-up for 1-2 camera solution

AXIS Companion Cube LW together with AXIS Companion Card 64 GB makes a self-contained recording solution. Through wireless communication with AXIS Companion software and apps, this is the easiest set up for a smaller surveillance solution. 

Please note!

AXIS Companion IP cameras are supported only by AXIS Companion video management software and mobile apps for iOS and Android devices.

Smart design for indoor surveillance

AXIS Companion Cube LW features high quality video in HDTV 1080p/2 MP resolution and WDR. It comes with IR illumination, day/night functionality, PIR motion sensor, microphone and mini-speaker. The camera connects over wireless LAN (IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n) or wired Ethernet. It supports Wi-Fi Protected Setup™ with push button configuration. AXIS Companion Cube LW is optimized for edge storage and with AXIS Companion Card 64 GB included it is a self-contained recording solution. Axis Zipstream technology allows even high quality video to be recorded effectively. AXIS Companion Cube LW is supported only by AXIS Companion video management software and mobile app.


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