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Market needs & trends


Technology trends affecting the security sector 2021

Technological advancement continues and the trends we predict for 2021 are shaped by how and why technologies are used

Easy ways to make your business work


Online tools that make work easier

Interactive online tools to make your work faster and simpler. From design to operation.


Cybersecurity is about managing risks – together

Axis supports your cybersecurity strategy with innovations like Axis Device Manager and built-in cybersecurity features, making it as easy as possible to mitigate risks.

Meet the inventors


The first network camera

A story about enthusiastic people, an idea, and good timing.


Zipstream. Compression improved by 95%

The ambition was 15% improved bitrate. The result: 95% and a revolutionized industry.


Lightfinder. Delivers full color video in low light.

A team effort that brought color to a greyscale world.