Axis cameras bring safety to Matrix office building

Surveillance system installed by Equipment for Business for a new Matrix office building significantly increased its safety level

“High image quality and ease of use were the key customer requirements. I’d like to note that Axis network cameras seamlessly blended in with the internal and external building design.” Orest Pylypovich, Director General of Equipment for Business.


Ensuring security for office center facilities and their staff is one of the core tasks for building management. An advanced security system is the key to meeting this challenge. On the one hand, a surveillance system is a stand-alone building security system; on the other hand, it represents an integral part of safety and access control systems. The main task of the surveillance system dedicated for the Matrix office building was to monitor behavior of visitors and staff inside the building, along perimeters, and within parking areas, as well as to store information in a high-quality format for at least 30 days.


The set objective required the integrator company Equipment for Business to perform a careful analysis of the solutions available on the market and to select the most suitable camera models in cooperation with Axis Communications, Milestone, and system distributor IQ Trading.


This work resulted in an advanced, reliable, and fault-free surveillance system with integrated access control functionality that provided 24/7 security for visitors, staff, and assets in the Matrix office building. In total, this surveillance system involves 54 network cameras that, together with Milestone XProtect® Professional software, make a perfect combination to meet building security targets. Also, high-definition video makes observation by security staff significantly easier.

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