Axis cameras watch shopper’s behavior

Network video equipment used to analyze shopping habits by SBXL

“InCam was able to come up with a solution that was compact, robust and easy-to-set up, but most importantly offered us excellent recording quality, maneuverability and scalability to store hours of footage. There is a huge difference between shoppers and consumers and the quality of the Axis cameras allows us to analyze real shoppers, really shopping.”
Phillip Adcock, managing director, Shopping Behaviour Xplained


Shopping Behaviour Xplained (SBXL) provides in-depth analysis to the retail sector on what shoppers actually do in-store and how their conscious and sub-conscious motivations and opinions affect their buying decisions. SBXL uses surveillance cameras to monitor a specific product or aisle in-store and record shopper’s behavior, enabling them to identify barriers to sale for product manufacturers and retailers. Recording quality, accessibility to data and portability of cameras are essential requirements for SBXL, and it approached Axis partner InCam to recommend an IP-based surveillance solution suitable for this highly specialized retail application.


InCam designed and commissioned a compact, robust, easy-to-set up and portable espoke ‘kit’ including nine Axis network cameras: the AXIS 207W, AXIS 211M and AXIS 214 PTZ models. SBXL operators use the AXIS 214 PTZ wirelessly to move and track shopping behavior as it provides more depth and breadth of coverage than fixed cameras can provide on their own. Operators can use a wireless laptop to maneuver the camera as required.


The solution provided by InCam incorporated Axis cameras and provided SBXL with a portable solution that offers excellent recording quality, maneuverability and scalability to store hours of footage. SBXL now has an essential tool kit it can use around the globe to analyze shoppers’ every move and provide essential feedback on the behavior of customers – everything from how they move around the store, to what they pick up and put back. Depending on the results of its analysis, SBXL can then recommend changes the brands and retailers can make to increase that chance of purchase e.g. an increase in the font size on packaging or the repositioning of goods to a different part of the store.

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