AXIS 211W Network Camera

Flexible wireless video surveillance with superior image quality

  • Superior image quality
  • Simultaneous Motion JPEG and MPEG-4
  • Flexible installation with wireless capability
  • Secure communication
  • Outdoor option

Wireless network camera for a demanding market

AXIS 211W Network Camera is a high-performance camera designed for professional video surveillance, offering the choice of either a wireless or a wired connection to the network. AXIS 211W provides superior image quality thanks to its progressive scan sensor and advanced image processing. This makes AXIS 211W ideal for the video surveillance of locations such as retail stores, offices, hotels and university campuses.

Flexible installation options

For optimal installation flexibility, AXIS 211W offers either a wireless connection to the network, or a wired connection supporting Power over Ethernet. The camera only needs one outlet - either power or network - which facilitates installation or relocation, e.g. when monitoring product campaigns.

Wireless capabilities

AXIS 211W provides high-performance wireless transmission with a wide coverage range according to the IEEE 802.11g standard, as well as backward compatibility with IEEE 802.11b. The omni-directional indoor antenna, which is included in the AXIS 211W shipment, is exchangeable for further flexibility.

AXIS 211W bundle

AXIS 211W Outdoor Verso Kit, including AXIS 211W, outdoor antenna and housing, is available for purchase in Europe. This is the perfect choice for outdoor installations, for example when the camera is to be mounted on a light pole in a parking lot, where power but no network connection is available.

System overview

  • Loudspeaker: Give instructions, orders or provide help by connecting
    a loudspeaker to the camera.
  • Microphone: Use the built-in microphone or an external audio device
    to listen in on an area.
  • Access point: Connect the camera to the network via a wireless access point.
  • PoE switch: Facilitate the installation by powering the cameras and/or
    the wireless access points via a Power over Ethernet-enabled switch.
  • PC with video management software: Monitor, record and play
    back video.
  • PC: Monitor the cameras remotely over the WAN or Internet network.

Outdoor wireless coverage

If the distance between camera and access point is short and the thickness of the wall is reasonable, AXIS 211W can be installed outdoors with its standard indoor antenna inside a plastic housing, communicating with a wireless access point with antenna placed indoors.

However, a wall, or even a window, between the antennas does affect the signal quality. For longer distances, the recommendation is to use outdoor antennas. It is recommended that the camera antenna be installed in clear line of sight and at the same height as the access point’s antenna. To protect your network from strokes of lightning, use a lightning protector.

The outdoor camera antenna and lightning protector are available as accessories from Axis. In Europe, the AXIS 211W Outdoor Verso Kit, including AXIS 211W, outdoor antenna and housing, is available.

The table below describes the installation options for the antennas and the corresponding typical coverage range.

AXIS 211W Access point Typical coverage range
Standard antenna inside outdoor housing Indoor antenna 10 m
Standard antenna inside outdoor housing Outdoor antenna 100 m
Outdoor antenna connected to camera in housing via cable gland Outdoor antenna
300 m


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