AXIS A1601 Network Door Controller

Advanced access management in mid-sized and large systems

  • Based on Axis open platforms
  • Mix and match, best-of-breed software and hardware
  • Easy integration with other systems
  • Third-party software required
  • ONVIF Profile A and C compliant

If you need a door controller that can handle advanced access management for a mid-sized, large or multi-site installation AXIS A1601 Network Door Controller is ideal. It’s highly flexible and high performing. And just like all Axis door controllers, AXIS A1601 is based on an open platform. Which means you can mix and match best-of-breed software and hardware, and easily integrate AXIS A1601 with your other systems.

Say hello to a heavy lifter

AXIS A1601 features powerful hardware with extra processing power, memory and storage, which makes it fast and stable. It’s extremely reliable because you can store up to 70 K credentials on the device itself, allowing it to function in offline mode. And it supports complex software and large databases and can handle advanced access control solutions with complex logic.

AXIS A1601 is powered by POE+ and has optimized built in power management. So it can power-up auxiliary equipment using its two powerful form C relays. That can come in handy for opening gates or using the available 6 I/Os to monitor doors that aren’t part of the system, and for incorporating sensors that trigger actions.

Use it just the way you want

AXIS A1601 supports a wide range of purposes. For example, AXIS A1601 can deliver basic access control for installations with many sites or many doors. Or it can support advanced systems that use complex access control logic. It can also be integrated with other systems such as video surveillance, intrusion detection, time and attendance, active directory and more.

AXIS A1601 is meant to be used with your preferred software from any vendor. And thanks to an open API and compliance with VAPIX and ONVIF, there are many excellent solutions to choose from.

Always ready to grow with you

Because it’s so flexible and so powerful, AXIS A1601 will meet your changing needs as they develop. You can always add, move and remove units as required. And you can choose to set up more advanced access control logic, functions and features whenever you want by simply installing software that supports it.


AXIS A1601 with software from our partners

Partner software

Note: A1601 requires third-party software from Axis partners. 

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Logiciels spécialisés réalisés par des partenaires Axis

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Alimentation par Ethernet

Injecteur 30 W 1 port à usage extérieur AXIS T8123-E

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Injecteur 30W 1 port AXIS T8133

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Injecteur CC 30 W 1 port AXIS T81B22

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Diviseur AXIS T8127 60 W 12/24 V CC

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Network Switches

Commutateur réseau AXIS T8508 PoE+

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Commutateur réseau AXIS T8516 PoE+

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Switch AXIS T8504-E Outdoor PoE

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Commutateur réseau AXIS T8524 PoE+

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Power Supplies

Adaptateur AXIS T90C10

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Armoire de surveillance AXIS T98A15-VE

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Audio et E/S

Détecteur de mouvement AXIS T8331-E PIR

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Détecteur de mouvement PIR AXIS T8331

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Outils d'installation

AXIS T8415 Outil d'Installation sans fil

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Kit de tournevis de sécurité AXIS 4 en 1

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Carte d'accès AXIS

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