About Andrew Kertesz

Andrew Kertesz has worked within the security industry for over a decade. He started as an installer for an alarm and video security integrator as their IT installation professional and quickly moved into a management role. After working as an integrator, Andrew joined Axis Communications as the Small Business Account Manager in Canada and moved into his current role as RSM for Western Ontario in 2018. Andrew’s supports his partner network across an array of industries, with a key focus on the K-12 and higher education segment.

Posts by Andrew Kertesz:


    初等教育、中等教育、中等後教育の別を問わず、あらゆる教育施設の主な目標の一つが、生徒が安全に学べる環境を用意することです。安全な学習環境が確保されていれば、教師、保護者、生徒、職員は、施設内でいつも安全に過ごせるという安 … Continued


      新型コロナウイルス感染症の規制が徐々に解除され、学校が再び地域社会に門戸を開くようになった今、学校のセキュリティ担当者は、人々を受け入れるだけでなく、すべての人が安全に過ごせる場所としての学校作りに重点を置く必要がありま … Continued