About Paul Baratta

Paul Baratta is the Manager, Industry Segment Development Americas for Axis Communications. In this capacity, he is responsible for developing strategies and building channel relationships to expand Axis’ presence in healthcare markets. Paul has over three decades of experience building market share in the health care space, and he has served as Chief of Police for Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center as well as spent 26 years in local and college campus law enforcement. He is an active member of many health care associations including the Healthcare Working Group for SIA and IAHSS among others.

Posts by Paul Baratta:


    世界保健機関 (WHO) によると、故意ではない偶発的な傷害死亡の原因として、世界で2番目に多いのが転倒です。年間の転倒事故3,730万件という驚くべき数字を見ると、医療上の注意が必要とされるのも当然です。転倒のリスクと … Continued


      医療施設では、人や資産を守る目的で、長年にわたってビデオを利用してきました。ここでは、従来型のビデオ監視を利用して患者のモニタリングやケアを改善する方法について考えてみます。 重症患者の遠隔測定を補完 心臓モニター、人工 … Continued