Raising rail ridership with better service and security

Sacramento Regional Transit District deploys Axis cameras and horn speakers for public announcement along with ELERTS software in initiative to improve ridership experience

“We all marvel at the positive impact the Axis cameras, horn speakers and ELERTS software have had on our light rail ridership. When customers see us holding people accountable for uncivil behavior they feel a lot more comfortable using our transit system.” Lisa Hinz, VP of Safety, Security and Customer Satisfaction for Sacramento Regional Transit District.


The Sacramento Regional Transit District (SacRT) needed to address safety and cleanliness issues contributing to a dramatic decline in ridership on its light rail system. Transit authorities felt that any solution put in place should involve a partnership with the public using their services. In addition to a major upgrade in surveillance cameras on platforms and in parking lots, SacRT was looking for technology that riders could use to instantly report problems. By including the public in the solution, SacRT was able to create a more pleasant and secure environment for customers.


SacRT’s Information Technology department undertook the challenge of building a system to streamline the process of receiving and resolving issues reported by riders. To improve situational awareness, additional Axis high-definition network cameras were added at each light rail station. The solution also included the placement of Axis network horn speakers to broadcast general announcements and targeted messages. IT also incorporated a two-way incident management system from ELERTS to provide riders the ability to report incidents to the SacRT Security Operations Center.


Since the new system was put in place, SacRT has been experiencing a steady increase in ridership on its light rail. The combination of extra cameras, horn speakers and incident management software is helping authorities quickly locate and stop undesired behavior. With situational awareness reports from the public, problems like damaged fare boxes, broken digital messaging signs, and unsightly trash are getting resolved faster.

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