IP video improves customer management in a service station

Flexibility and innovation when it comes to implementing a prepayment system based on license plate recognition

“One of the aspects that really convinced us was that the system allows us to apply any loyalty program without printing any type of card, because it automatically applies the discounts simply by recognizing the vehicle license plate. The versatility of IP video has allowed us to satisfy more of our needs with a single system.“ Alberto Contreras, Olea S.A. Manager.


The service station market has traditionally been characterized as highly regulated, dominated by a few multinational companies, and offering very low profit margins. Under these conditions, owning a service station means facing a number of decisions related to managing the business, which is also exposed to a number of significant risks. One of the most worrisome decisions nowadays is how to implement prepaid services. On the one hand, it seems interesting, since it requires fewer resources to run the business, but on the other, the associated decline in sales because the customer cannot fill up right away can lead to losses of up to 15% in sales per customer.


In order to provide a flexible solution that would enhance security and allow regular customers to refuel their vehicles without having to prepay, the company Olea contacted Netcamara, an Axis Application Development Partner. Olea proposed a solution based on IP video cameras and a Netcamara application module specifically designed for service stations and based on license plate


The new IP video system has eliminated “drive-off” losses from individuals who refuel and leave without paying, and has also allowed the company to create a dual system in which regular customers can refuel their vehicles without having to prepay; the system only applies to those who are not regular customers.

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