Edge storage

AXIS Surveillance Card 256 GB
Secure, durable, and cost-efficient SD cards for surveillance

Not all surveillance cards are created equal. Axis SD cards are optimized for surveillance and offer greater functionality and endurance compared to traditional SD cards. They can be used as primary or redundant storage and are ideal in low-bandwidth environments. 

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Beyond backups

Edge storage, typically implemented using SD cards, allows you to store data locally—directly on your device. And it’s not just a backup option. Using Axis surveillance cards, you can record high-resolution video both as primary and redundant storage. When used as primary storage in your device, SD cards can reduce the need for additional servers and recorders and lower the total cost of ownership. Edge storage can also complement your primary storage so you can continuously store video on the edge in parallel with your Video Management Software (VMS). This means that even when your VMS is unavailable, SD cards can help to minimize the loss of video recordings.

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Increased endurance

These specialized AXIS Surveillance Cards are designed to endure continuous use. They offer longer lifespans compared to standard SD cards, often stretching beyond ten years. This reduces maintenance costs and ensures greater cost-efficiency. Axis SD cards also offer effective retention times, even at high frame rates and resolutions. And retention time can be configured per camera. Additionally, with built-in health monitoring features, you can be notified when a replacement is needed.

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Secure, uninterrupted service

Axis surveillance cards are ideal for remote locations, onboard installations such as trains and buses, and other areas where network availability is limited. They offer encryption features to protect the stored data from unauthorized access in case of theft or compromise. And, if needed, recordings can be quickly and securely transferred to a central system such as a VMS. Furthermore, these industrial-grade cards are resilient to extreme temperatures and environments.

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Seamless integration

Supported by AXIS Camera Station and leading partner VMSs, Axis SD cards help enhance your surveillance system and ensure greater robustness and flexibility. Plus, they reduce server-related and other costs, improve overall systems performance, and increase efficiencies all while ensuring the secure transfer of data.

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