AXIS M42 Dome Camera Series

AXIS M4218-LV Dome Camera, viewed from its left angle
Affordable varifocal domes
  • Great images up to 8 MP
  • Varifocal lens with remote zoom and focus
  • WDR, Lightfinder and OptimizedIR
  • Analytics with deep learning
  • HDMI output for public viewing monitors

Great image quality and discreet design

These affordable and compact varifocal cameras deliver great image quality in up to 4K even in challenging light. With a flexible field of view, you can choose to get the overview or detailed images. Plus, remote zoom and focus capabilities ensure sharp, high-resolution video with great details where needed. The series includes models with OptimizedIR for surveillance in pitch darkness. And Lightfinder for sharp, color images even in low light. They can be discreetly installed to blend in with any environment. Plus, with a wide range of accessories, they can be mounted just about anywhere indoors.

AXIS M4218-LV with black casing installed wall-mounted in grocery store

Extended possibilities

Featuring a deep learning processing unit, AXIS M42 Series supports advanced analytics based on deep learning on the edge. These high-performance cameras also allow you to collect and analyze valuable metadata—on the edge—for real-time events, forensic search, and statistical purposes. With AXIS Object Analytics preinstalled, you can track whenever an object stays in a defined area longer than a user-defined time, for example, to detect loitering. The series also offers support for audio or I/O connectivity using AXIS T61 Series. Furthermore, it includes Axis Edge Vault, a hardware-based cybersecurity platform that safeguards the device.

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AXIS M4215-LV Dome Camera AXIS M4215-LV AXIS M4215-LV Dome Camera, wall, viewed from its left angle AXIS M4215-V AXIS M4216-LV Dome Camera, wall, viewed from its left angle AXIS M4216-LV AXIS M4216-V Dome Camera, wall, viewed from its left angle AXIS M4216-V AXIS M4218-LV Dome Camera, wall, viewed from its left angle AXIS M4218-LV AXIS M4218-V Dome Camera, wall, viewed from it's left angle AXIS M4218-V
Max video resolution 1920x1080 1920x1080 2304x1728 2304x1728 3840x2160 3840x2160
Horizontal field of view 93-47 93-47 100-45 100-45 93-47 93-47
Lightfinder Lightfinder Lightfinder Lightfinder Lightfinder
Wide dynamic range WDR WDR WDR WDR WDR WDR
Remote zoom
Remote focus
Analytics compute capability DLPU DLPU DLPU DLPU DLPU DLPU
HDMI Output
Vandal rating IK08 IK08 IK08 IK08 IK08 IK08
Axis Edge Vault


  • Datasheet

    • AXIS M4215-LV Dome Camera
      (pdf) 705.59 KB
    • AXIS M4215-V Dome Camera
      (pdf) 1.5 MB
    • AXIS M4216-LV Dome Camera
      (pdf) 1.2 MB
    • AXIS M4216–V Dome Camera
      (pdf) 1.21 MB
    • AXIS M4218-LV Dome Camera
      (pdf) 1.32 MB
    • AXIS M4218-V Dome Camera
      (pdf) 1.35 MB
  • Manuals

    • AXIS M42 Network Camera Series - Repainting Instructions
      (pdf) 354.74 KB
    • M42 Series Dome Camera - Installation Guide
      (pdf) 3.73 MB
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