Fujinon Varifocal Megapixel Lens 15-50 mm, viewed from its left angle
Optional lenses to meet special requirements

Axis offers a wide range of network cameras with the possibility to change lens. Choosing the right CS or M12 lens for your mount helps you capture the images you need and saves you time and money in the installation phase.

For surveillance flexibility

For maximum surveillance flexibility, our selection of CS and M12 lenses offers varying fields of view, levels of zoom, and light sensitivity to ensure you capture quality images even in challenging light conditions. A wide-angle lens provides a larger field of view with less detail, whereas a telephoto lens provides a narrower field of view with finer details. In addition, selecting the correct f-number helps ensure no area of the screen is too dark or too bright, whereas a fixed or adjustable iris can control how much light comes through the lens.

Browse our Axis lenses below to find compatible lenses that suit your specific needs.

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