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Network video products - Installation and video management software

AXIS Companion

AXIS Companion is an entry-level IP video solution for small installations up to 16 cameras. Video is recorded in the cameras, which makes the system easy to install and manage, even for the casual user.

AXIS Device Manager

AXIS Device Manager is an on-premise tool that delivers an easy, cost-effective and secure way to perform device management. It offers security installers and system administrators a highly effective tool to handle all major installation, cybersecurity and maintenance device management tasks. .

AXIS Camera Station

AXIS Camera Station is IP-Surveillance software that works with Axis network cameras and video encoders to provide video monitoring, recording and event management functionalities.

AXIS Camera Station Device Compatibility Tool

AXIS Camera Station Device Compatibility Tool helps you to verify if a third-party network video product is compatible with AXIS Camera Station 5 and above.

AXIS Media Control (AMC)

AXIS Media Control is the recommended method for viewing video images in Microsoft Internet Explorer. Installs automatically on first use, after which it can be configured by opening the AMC Control Panel applet from the Windows Control Panel.

AXIS IP Utility

AXIS IP Utility helps you set the IP address of an Axis network video product. Axis devices on the network are automatically discovered and displayed. 

AXIS Optimizer for Milestone XProtect®

AXIS Optimizer for Milestone XProtect® is a suite of plugins and features that optimize the usability of Axis cameras in XProtect. 

Network audio

AXIS Audio Manager Pro

Audio management software lets you efficiently manage and control your audio system. AXIS Audio Manager Pro is the perfect choice for larger sites and more advanced audio installations. It comes with unlimited number of licenses so you are free to grow your business to meet your needs.

Player for Soundtrack Business

Soundtrack Your Brand is an award-winning music streaming service for business, backed by Spotify. Together with Soundtrack Your Brand, we offer a complete solution for background music in a business setting. Axis provides the network audio systems and Soundtrack Your Brand provides the music content. When using the ACAP, Player for Soundtrack Business, Soundtrack Your Brand is integrated into AXIS C1004-E Network Cabinet Speaker, AXIS C2005 Network Ceiling Speaker, AXIS C8210 Network Audio Amplifier and the AXIS C8033 Network Audio Bridge.

Business intelligence applications

AXIS Store Optimization Suite

Discover how retail intelligence optimizes staff planning, enhances customer experience, and improves marketing and merchandising activities.

Security applications

AXIS Loss Prevention Suite

Reduce losses and keep control of your premises.

AXIS Perimeter Defender

Detect people and vehicles intruding on your property. This video analytics application offers high detection accuracy, minimal false alarms and support for PTZ autotracking—ideal for scalable perimeter protection at demanding and high-security sites.

AXIS Guard Suite

Easily and effectively enhance security on your premises with motion, intrusion or loitering analytics. AXIS Guard Suite analytics are ideal for non-critical security applications at retail, banking, office, school and industrial sites.

AXIS Radar Autotracking for PTZ

A free application for network radar detectors that enables object tracking for pan, tilt, zoom cameras.

AXIS Video Motion Detection

A free application that detects moving objects within a predefined area of interest, making it possible to automatically trigger an event.

AXIS License Plate Verifier

Easy, cost-effective analytics for vehicle access.

AXIS Cross Line Detection

A classic trip-wire application that automatically detects moving objects that cross a virtual line and triggers an event.

AXIS Live Privacy Shield

Effective privacy protection in video surveillance.

AXIS Digital Autotracking

A free application that enables fixed megapixel cameras to automatically detect, zoom in on and follow moving objects using digital PTZ.

Audio Spectrum Visualizer 

A free application for Axis Network cameras to display an audio spectrum as an overlay in the video stream

Traffic Optimization

AXIS Parking Violation Detection

The street-smart way to smoother traffic and safer cities.

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