Cameras without fear

Because our cameras are tested to extremes, they can deal with absolutely anything

We take quality seriously

At Axis, quality is more than surface deep. We test every single product to the extreme – against water, humidity, vandalism, vibrations, harsh temperatures and more. So, you can rest assured they’ll always perform to their very best – no matter what you throw at them. To us, that’s the true value of quality. See our tough approach to testing for yourself in the videos below – or take a look at our white paper to find out more. There are more videos and information coming soon, so make sure you check back. 

It’s all in the detail

For us, quality isn’t just about testing – it starts much earlier. Even at the design phase, we meticulously check that every detail and component – from circuit boards to cables – is engineered to perform to the highest standard. That’s why our products stand the test of time. 

Quality at every stage

During production, Axis products are tested thoroughly. We ensure that our manufacturers enforce quality control at every stage – from the components and tools they use, to their management and staff training. To make sure no error goes undetected, products are tested automatically and manually.

Tested without compromise

From high-pressured water jets to hundreds of powerful shocks and hours of vibrations, Axis products really are given a tough time during testing. To find out more, take a look at our quality assurance infographic – some of the tests might surprise you!  

The toughest of tests

Blasted with water
Tougher than they look
Vibration test
Abrasion test
Climate tests
Firmware reliability

Axis' Lab Test Xtreme

Pick your favorite testing device to smash the camera and see if it survives the impact. Are you fast and strong enough to break it?