AXIS M1065-LW Network Camera

Full-featured wireless HDTV 1080p camera with edge storage

  • Wireless communication and edge storage
  • Built-in microphone and mini-speaker
  • PIR motion sensor
  • Bracket for wall and corner mount
  • Day & night with IR illumination

Just plug it in and press record

AXIS M1065-LW is made for easy, installation. It comes with a combined corner and wall bracket that lets anyone install it perfectly: Drop the camera in the bracket and it’s perfectly positioned to provide 110° coverage of the room. And AXIS M1065-LW is wireless, so there are no unnecessary cords or cables to worry about. Just place the camera in the bracket, plug it in and you’re ready to start recording.

A camera that sees in the dark 

With AXIS M1065-LW, you’ll always be able to see exactly what’s going on at your premises – regardless of time of day or lighting. With HDTV 1080p, it delivers excellent Axis image quality. Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) technology ensures you can see details even when there are dark and light areas in the scene. And IR illumination means you can record useful videos even in the dark. 

Warn intruders off your premises

With this camera, you can detect intruders and warn them off your premises before it’s too late. AXIS M1065-LW is equipped with a microphone and a speaker, so you can record a motion-triggered message that will send thieves and vandals packing. And the camera can alert you to the situation and deliver footage to your PC, tablet or smart phone, so you can alert the police fast.

A camera that saves you money

In addition to an attractive price and easy installation, our discreet little camera saves you money in other ways too. For example, you can store footage on the camera on a memory card, which saves bandwidth and eliminates the need for a server. And a motion sensor means that AXIS M1065-LW only records when it detects movement.

Finally, Axis Zipstream technology lowers bandwidth and storage requirements by an average of 50%, while preserving high-quality images: Scenes containing interesting details are recorded in full image quality and resolution while other areas are filtered out, to optimally use available bandwidth and storage.

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Power Supplies

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AXIS Surveillance micro SDXC™ Card 256 GB

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Outils d'installation

AXIS T8415 Outil d'Installation sans fil

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Cache objectif AXIS

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