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A guide to getting more value

In the procurement journey, there’s a lot of value waiting to be unlocked if you know where to look and can get the information you need to make smart buying decisions. The procurement process can be a bit tricky. That’s why we’ve put together a procurement guide with three value areas. Sustainability, cybersecurity, and customer service address requirements based on the whole lifecycle of what’s procured. When you dare to look beyond the initial lowest price and short-term supply agreements, you’ll find a deeper partnership with your supplier and an entirely new level to manage your procurement’s complete lifecycle costs.

Where value thrives

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Value in sustainability

All companies have a duty to support sustainability. It helps accelerate circular economy and stimulate production that considers worker and environmental welfare. And it’s not just a social responsibility, it’s smart business. Sustainability can reduce costs and boost trust with clients, employees, and investors.

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Value in cybersecurity

The importance of cybersecurity can’t be underestimated. By protecting computer networks and data, cybersecurity spans a product’s entire supply chain from the moment it’s developed to the end of its lifecycle. Therefore, it’s vital to work with suppliers who value cybersecurity as much as you and your customers do.

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Value in customer services

The ability for a supplier to understand your needs and respond with support when challenges arise can mean the difference between your business continuing to run smoothly or bringing it to a stop. Including customer services in your procurement journey enables a collaborative, long lasting partnership.

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Make your procurement better

Read more about suggested requirements for sustainability, cybersecurity and customer services in our guide.