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Key features

  • Integrates body worn footage into Milestone XProtect
  • Securely connects and transfers video
  • Easily manage video evidence in VMS
  • Designed with cybersecurity in mind
  • Axis wearable devices with KlickFast system
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Easy to setup

Available as a separate download, this plugin integrates Axis body worn system with Milestone XProtect. It enables secure capture, transfer, storage, viewing, exporting, and sharing of video evidence. And it’s quick to install and configure. Once installed, you can set up a server certificate to guarantee secure communication and quickly add or remove system users

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Capture evidence

An Axis body worn system ensures recordings with sharp audio and video that can be used in internal investigations and in court. And they let you store as much footage as you need without compromising image quality – onsite or in the cloud. Officers, guards, and other wearable camera users can capture evidence – anywhere. They simply pick up a body worn camera at the start of their shift, and it’s ready to go. At the end of their shift, they return the camera to the docking station, and the transfer automatically begins.

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Share evidence

Data transferred to Milestone XProtect includes video, audio, searchable location, categories, and notes. Each recording starts with a bookmark containing the camera name, activation method, location information, as well as any annotations or notes. Once the data is transferred, investigators can quickly process and work with the recordings and metadata directly in Milestone XProtect. In addition, it’s possible to change the retention time  ensure your recordings are saved. Plus, the system audit trail can be used to present the chain of custody.

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Always secure and compliant

Axis body worn cameras document actions, capture evidence, and record incidents as they appear to the camera wearer. They also provide a record of all kinds of events and encounters. Our body worn devices ensure cybersecure communications and end-to-end encryption. Key features include signed firmware, secure boot, protection of cryptographic keys with FIPS 140-2 certified TPM 2.0 module, CJIS-compliant encrypted SSD (AES256), and evidence lock. Plus, you can create self-assigned certificates

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