Course description:

Learn about basic audio theory and how to use it to interpret the datasheets. We will also introduce you to the different aspects of network audio design, ranging from what to include in a site survey, to calculating speaker coverage using simple overshoot calculations or AXIS Site Designer. 

Practical information:

Format: Online
Length: 60 minutes
Price: Free of charge

Course outline:

  • Interpret the datasheets
    Learn about audio characteristics, sound pressure and sound pressure level (SPL), the inverse square law and how it affects the sound, audio digitization and different audio formats, and how to interpret audio datasheets.
  • Network audio design
    • Acoustics - how the room's surroundings affect sound
    • Background noise level - how background noise affects the audibility of announcements and background music
    • Site survey – what to consider when planning and conducting a site survey
    • Speaker count and coverage - understand factors that affect perceived SPL, such as distance and speaker placement. Perform simple overshoot calculations or use AXIS Site Designer for speaker coverage.
  • Bingo challenge
    Test your newly gained knowledge in a playful way. Get four correct answers in a line to win. 
  • Quiz
    Take a quiz with questions based on the modules above.

Course objectives:

After completing the course, participants should:

be familiar with:

  • what sound is
  • the basics of audio theory and common audio units
  • how digitization affects sound quality and file sizes
  • background noise and SPL (sound pressure level) recommendations for announcements and background music
  • how to calculate speaker area coverage (rule of thumb)
  • audio design tool (AXIS Site Designer)


  • how the decibel scale works
  • how the inverse square law affects sound over distance
  • how to interpret audio specifications in the datasheets 
  • acoustics and how it affects sound
  • what to include in a site survey

Who should attend:

For professionals in the network video surveillance and audio industries, who want to integrate network audio devices.


We recommend that you take the eLearning course Get to know network audio before attending this course. 

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