Course description

In this eLearning course, you’ll learn about the different technologies used by Axis cameras to deliver forensic-quality images. You’ll learn about Axis Scene Intelligence and how it provides the metadata needed for AXIS Object Analytics. Plus, you’ll understand how the ARTPEC System-on-chip empowers Axis cameras.

Practical information

Format: Online
Length: 30 minutes
Price: Free of charge

Course outline

1. Image usability
The importance of image quality in video surveillance, and how Axis cameras use different technologies to preserve image usability even in challenging scenarios

2. Image compression
An overview of the different compression algorithms and how they affect image quality, bandwidth, and storage space

3. Scene intelligence
Axis Scene Intelligence, AXIS Object Analytics, and metadata.

4. System-on-chip
The functionality of the in-house ARTPEC SoCs designed for the needs of video surveillance.

5. Quiz

Take a quiz with questions from all the modules above.

Course objective

For anyone interested in understanding Axis network video technologies.

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