Closeup of Axis C3003-E in outdoor environment, viewed from its left angle.

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Organization: City of Concón
Location: Valparaíso region, Chile
Customer need: Public safety, Public address
Valparaíso region, Chile, 

Since facing an intense earthquake, a city on the coast of Chile has begun using cameras integrated with Axis network speakers for emergency announcements.


Some years ago, an earthquake reaching a magnitude of 8.4 and subsequent tsunami wreaked chaos and destruction upon the Chilean coast. Among the affected cities was Concón and its 63,000 residents. The city is known for its tourist attractions and fine dining, centered around the area’s outstanding beaches, hotels and restaurants. As part of its focus on citizen security, as well as that of visiting tourists, the City of Concón placed a public request for proposals to install a camera and speaker system that would become part of the solution to the community’s problems (such as public offenses) – in addition to providing assistance in emergencies.


The solution consisted of an initial installation of 6 AXIS P5635-E Network Cameras and 11 AXIS C3003-E Network Speakers. This was followed in a second stage by the addition of 17 AXIS Q6000-E Network Cameras, coupled with vandal-resistant AXIS Q6055-E PTZ cameras featuring Zipstream image compression technology. Along with the new cameras, 17 Axis network speakers were added, increasing the level of communication between public authorities and residents.


Chile is a country under constant threat of earthquakes and tsunamis along the coast, and thus this type of technology plays a vital role in the event of a natural catastrophe. Additionally, as a result of the installation of Axis camera and network speakers, Concón is also now able to prevent crime in these areas and alert individuals via the speaker system. The city now benefits from a greater level of public security for citizens and tourists alike, transforming itself into a model for the entire coast of Chile with this forwardthinking initiative.

The city is making an important investment.
Óscar Sumonte, Mayor of the City of Concón.

HD audio and video

The City of Concón decided to install high-definition cameras with network speakers along major streets. This follows up on its commitment to constant improvement in the safeguarding of residents and tourists, and with the goal of improving public safety standards. The city, led by Mayor Óscar Sumonte, commissioned the project to the bid winner, Ingesmart, which in the first stage devised the placement of Axis cameras at six strategically chosen points in the city.

Map of Concón, blue and red dots marked across map.

”On this project we used cutting-edge technology with Full HD cameras that deliver the necessary technical requirements. It’s a solution proven worldwide especially designed to provide oversight of large public spaces,” says José Antonio Dinamarca Ossa, executive director of Ingesmart.

A unique feature of the project was that the cameras were connected to an audio system for broadcasting crime alerts, as well as instructions and information during complex incidents such as quakes and tsunamis. In situations of monitoring real-time video, AXIS C3003-E, chosen by Concón, allows an operator to communicate remotely or play a recorded audio file, either manually or automatically in response to a preset event alarm.

100% PoE

Following the installation of 6 cameras and 11 speakers, the second stage introduced an important capability (see map). The 17 AXIS Q6000-E Network Cameras added can be connected to all cameras in the AXIS Q60 Series (Concón chose 17 AXIS Q6055-E models), creating a constant 360-degree view of the scene, with the ability to zoom in on details such as faces and vehicle license plates. A single network cable supplies both cameras.

Closeup of Axis Q6000-E viewed from its left angle, street in background.

Pablo Rojas, head of the City of Concón Department of Public Security, recognizes that, “These dome cameras are the most advanced installed in all of Chile. They have 360-degree movement ability with a visual distance of almost 2 miles. They’re able to distinguish faces and license plates, which are accepted as evidence by the courts. As well they are compatible with a supra dome, which is a device that goes over the dome camera and provides another 360-degree view at the same time.”

A single network cable also connects all AXIS C3003-E Network Speakers installed at each location along with the cameras, for a total of 28 network speakers in the entire project. From the start, the solution served not only to prevent and punish crimes but to also lend support to the detection of minor vandalism, document automobile accidents and improper use of parking, and reclaim for the community various public areas that were being frequented by drug users.

Today, it’s possible to prosecute delinquents, as the image quality produced by the cameras allows the captures to be used as evidence by the courts.

Axis pole camera under busy street with parked cars and crosswalk.

“Working with Ingesmart has been a great experience. We were able to meet the deadlines and quality standards necessary to go forward with the project. The company is proactive and went above and beyond the awarded proposal, offering options to improve the system that weren’t considered in the planning stages. More than a provider, Ingesmart is a partner that helps us to develop our vision. Citizens are happy,” adds Rojas.

As a result of the positive response from the community, authorities have thus decided to expand the project with a third stage that will include another 25 Axis cameras, in hopes of providing coverage of virtually all major strategic points in the community – as defined by city officials, the residents themselves and by specialized and technical entities including Chilean police and investigative units.

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Important investment for public safety

An earthquake reaching a magnitude of 8.4 and subsequent tsunami wreaked chaos and destruction upon the Chilean coast. Concón, with its 63,000 residents, was one of the affected cities. To follow up on its commitment to constant improve the safeguarding of residents and tourists, the City of Concón decided to install a cutting-edge network camera and speaker system. 
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