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Covered from stem to stern with Axis.

Organization: Enterprise Park, Inc.
Location: Melvindale, Michigan, United States
Customer need: Property and asset protection, Loss prevention and theft, Access management
Melvindale, Michigan, United States, 

Enterprise Park boat/RV storage facility steps up security and customer service with an Axis end-to-end solution.


Enterprise Park, a boat/RV storage facility downriver from Detroit, wanted to distinguish its business by providing customers with the ultimate indoor/outdoor security solution. Management was looking for a system that could seamlessly integrate surveillance and gate entry control, support two-way audio communication between customers and staff, and allow customers to remotely log into the cameras to view their personal property.


With the help of Infinite Technologies LLC, a systems integrator and Axis Solution Partner, Enterprise Park deployed a comprehensive end-to-end security solution from Axis. At the core of the solution is an intuitive AXIS Camera Station video management software system that integrates and controls all the Axis security devices – network cameras, audio-visual intercoms, security radars, intelligent horn speakers, and video analytics. The total package also includes key card entry and a mobile app to open the gate.


The strategic combination of Axis devices not only protects the property from intruders but also allows Enterprise Park to provide virtual concierge services to their customers. Using security radars and video analytics to trigger alerts has helped the company discourage trespassers and reduce false alarms. With the mobile app, staff can view live or archived camera video on their smartphones and capture still images. The speaker system makes it possible for Enterprise Park staff to broadcast pre-recorded and live messages throughout the facility.

Customers like the convenience of opening the gate from their smartphones and having access to view live camera feeds through the Enterprise Park website.

Once someone sees all the Axis technology we’ve deployed to protect their valuables and make the business more customer friendly, it makes it very easy to rent them space.
Fred Watkins
Site Supervisor for Enterprise Park

Not all storage facilities are the same

Enterprise Park is an eight-acre storage facility conveniently located at the juncture of three major freeways in the Downriver suburb of Detroit. It not only caters to the boat/RV community but also leases indoor storage units and office space to local businesses. Enterprise Park prides itself on outstanding security and customer service and has won awards for being the largest, best, and safest storage facility in the Downriver area. But when a neighboring competitor suffered a series of costly break-ins, Enterprise Park decided to take a hard look at its own security setup to see if there was room for improvement.

“If customers are entrusting their property to us, we need to make sure that we are doing everything possible to keep it safe and secure,” says Fred Watkins, Site Supervisor for Enterprise Park. “Otherwise, they might take their business elsewhere.”

Management sat down with Infinite Technologies LLC, a systems integrator and Axis Solution Partner, to design a solution that would not only provide outstanding indoor/outdoor security but also deliver unique amenities to customers that would help cement a positive, long-term relationship. It was important that the system be easy-to-use and expandable with new features and devices as the business grows over time.

Taking an integrated approach

Infinite Technologies LLC recommended an end-to-end solution from Axis that would integrate a broad portfolio of Axis security devices into a comprehensive security system. At the core of the solution is AXIS Camera Station, a video management system designed for flexible surveillance and ease of use.

Through AXIS Camera Station, staff controls more than 40 Axis surveillance cameras, a 2N® IP Verso audio-visual intercom for gate entry control, four Axis security radars to identify intruders on the property, and eight Axis horn speakers for broadcasting music and messages. To ensure flexibility for employees, the integrator added the free AXIS Camera Station mobile app to employees’ smartphones so they can view the property remotely any time of day. 

mobile app view of camera feed

“A big draw for us is being able to integrate 2N intercoms and other devices into one cohesive system,” says Watkins. “I can be monitoring the cameras, tracking alerts from the security radars, interacting with customers over the video intercom, or warning a trespasser to vacate the premises all from my desktop. And when I’m out of the office, I can use the mobile app to do all those tasks from my phone. It’s a really efficient way to operate.” (Image to the right is a screen capture of the 2N® Mobile Video app used by Enterprise Park staff.)

screen shot of radar image

24/7 protection from the perimeter to the door

Axis security radars use radar technology to monitor the storage facility for movement. If motion is detected, built-in analytics can classify the source as human, vehicle, or animal, and trigger an alert to staff to take action. At the same time, the security radar signals the nearest Axis pan/tilt/zoom (PTZ) camera to that position to automatically follow the alarmed object. (Image to the left shows a screen capture of video from a security radar that directs a camera to track a vehicle on premise traveling 9.4 mph.)

A 2N® IP Verso audio-visual intercom – which includes a scramble keypad, biometric finger reader, LCD digital display, and Bluetooth – serves as gatekeeper to the yard. Customers and staff can swipe a keycard or use the free 2N® Mobile Key app on their smart phones to open the gate. Having a mobile app means customers towing a trailer or boat don’t have to get close to the card reader, which lowers the risk of accidents and damage.

front gate kiosk with 2N intercom

And staff can use the 2N® Mobile Video app when they’re away from the office to see who’s at the gate and remotely open it in case someone has forgotten their keycard or smartphone. (Image on the right shows the front gate kiosk with 2N® IP Verso audiovisual intercom features two-way communication, biometric reader, card reader and LCD display.)

New customers and visitors can press the information button on the intercom to instantly connect to an Enterprise Park staff person. A call is sent to the 2N® Mobile Video app on the staff members smartphone, allowing them to answer from wherever they happen to be in the world. The company also uses the intercom’s LCD screen to display custom messages highlighting specials or amenities and to play video demonstrating how to use the system. “We call it our virtual concierge,” says Watkins.

Adding ambiance and more with audio

To add ambiance to the park, the company installed eight Axis network horn speakers to play subtle background music from nine a.m. to nine p.m. and hourly pre-recorded announcements welcoming customers and thanking them for their business. At night, the speakers broadcast a message that the premises are under surveillance and actively monitored.

“If we see suspicious activity from the cameras when we’re monitoring the property, we can use the speakers to directly address the perpetrators in real time and warn them that police are on the way,” states Watkins.

screen shot of speaker activity

Unified system ties access control to surveillance

To prevent vandalism and unauthorized entry, Enterprise Park also uses a dedicated Axis camera to monitor entrances to facility areas known to have vandalism or other suspicious activity. (Image to the left depicts the AXIS Camera Station interface which shows AXIS C1310-E Network Horn Speaker activity.)

With AXIS Camera Station Secure Entry, Watkins can identify who enters and exits these locations. The system combines video management and access control into a single platform matching the video stream to events, such as a badge swipe or door forced open, from the Axis door controller. In the event of an issue, Watkins can match the video with the keycard used in the incident area to identify the individual. Live monitoring also allows him the option of granting access by remotely opening the door to an individual after verifying the person’s identity via video and intercom.

Cameras and speakers on roof eave

Live remote viewing to verify all is safe & secure

For customers, one of the biggest draws of the Axis end-to-end solution is the ability to view their property over Enterprise Park’s secure website (www.ENTPARK.com). Once on the website, all visitors can login to view live footage from a “teaser” camera to see the quality of the video that is live streamed using an app called CamStreamer. To view other outdoor cameras in the storage facility, they need to register with management and be approved.

“This amenity is the biggest differentiator for us,” claims Watkins. “Customers really appreciate being able to see their RVs and boats and confirm that they’re safe and that their covers are secure.” Watkins notes that the system typically averages dozens views a day, a clear indication of the feature’s popularity.

screen shot of network switches

Tying it all together with smart network switches

Axis power over Ethernet (PoE) switches tie all the network infrastructure together and comes with a unique web interface that shows the network administrator the topology of the entire system. This graphical interface displays the identity, status and notifications for every connected device. This makes it easy to manage all the connected devices, reboot cameras, run cable diagnostics and perform other tasks that keep the system running smoothly. (Image on the left - Axis PoE network switch displays an overview of system topology.)

Guard Suite analytics prevents false alarms

By utilizing AXIS Guard Suite, a suite of three complimentary analytics, Enterprise Park is able to protect their fence line, deter loitering, and trigger alerts based on motion. AXIS Fence Guard, used on the perimeter fence, employs a virtual trip-wire application in the camera’s field of view to protect from intrusion. Alerts are automatically triggered if the virtual trip wire is crossed which has been especially useful to the company after hours.

Watkins uses AXIS Loitering Guard to track vehicles in the parking lot in front of the office or in areas where no one should be. Time-based triggers alert staff members if vehicles remain there too long. AXIS Motion Guard is helpful after hours to detect motion on property. Used together, this suite of analytics provides peace-of-mind even when Watkins is not on site.

Bullet camera on roof eave

Raising the bar for storage security and service

With 52 Axis devices and counting, Enterprise Park can proudly proclaim its facility is among the most secure storage operations in the Downriver region of Michigan and beyond.

“Customers are really wowed by the technology and how thoughtfully we use it to create a positive customer experience,” says Watkins. “The easy access to the facility day and night, the welcoming messages, the ability to check on their property remotely – it all adds up to exceptional customer service. And that’s what keeps our business heads and shoulders above the rest.”

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