Cameras help curtail rash of burglaries in industrial complex

Axis network cameras deliver sharp detail to identify thieves and assist law enforcement for local security provider

“It’s all about having the right cameras in the right places. Otherwise, you just have a bunch of cameras, and you’re not going to be able to catch anyone.” Nathan Zatucke, Managing Partner, Security 101.


The Canton, Michigan, industrial complex where Security 101 is located has a history of burglary sprees that see thieves periodically targeting multiple businesses in the area and making off with tools, equipment and even trailers. Despite several companies having cameras installed, none had been able to capture high-quality footage that could aid police in apprehending suspects.


Prior to moving into its current facility, Security 101 installed multiple cameras on the exterior of its 8,000-square-foot warehouse and office facility for demonstration purposes. These included an AXIS Q6055 PTZ Network Camera mounted on a pole at the rear of the building and an AXIS A8004-VE Network Video Door Station installed at a side door to monitor those visiting and exiting the parking area.


The cameras proved valuable following a series of burglaries that included the theft of equipment from a Security 101 trailer. Thanks to the quality and placement of the Axis cameras, the company was able to capture high-quality footage of the thieves who were behind the spree and provide that footage to police, who were able to connect the suspects to additional crimes in the surrounding communities. Additionally, following these incidents, there has been a decrease in the number of crimes in the industrial park.

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